Data base structure and schema not rendering properly in Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 (16E195)

Having already successfully connected to AWS Redshift using an EC2 box running Windows and RStudio over an ODBC connection, I am now trying to replicate the process on a Mac.

I have read, and I believe followed the process documented here by RStudio and then replaced the section of installing drivers using brew (which I have not yet found a method to use for the AWS Redshift driver), with the AWS documented process here and the AWS method of config here.
My .odbc.ini and .odbcinst.ini file have been copied from the Setup folder in the Redshift driver to my ~/. folder (which I'm pretty sure is also my user folder).

The connection itself seems to operate as expected, returning the correct values from sql queries, however, the connection panel of RStudio does not show the schema-table-column structure properly.

Windows shows:


When expanded.

Mac shows:

(No Tables)

Weirdly , the Mac has 5 schemas each of which is a single letter, which are exactly the letters that the schema names begin with. i.e. there is a schema called Analysis, and another called audit in the DB, and Mac displays A, there are schemas that start with A, D, J, M and P, and those are the only letters that occur in the Mac.

Is this an issue with my setup of the odbc drivers? Is Redshift fully supported? The connection is obviously fine in itself, but RStudio isn't rendering the tree properly.

Good morning @DaveRGP, your issue sounded familiar, so I went digging in the odbc repo and I found this resolved Issue, that I think is what your experiencing:

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That was exactly it, thank you very much. As documented UTF-8 gave me some interesting oriental/asian pictographs (very cool, but not so useful). UTF-16 gave me English.