Dark theme not showing in themes menu

I am running RStudio Desktop Version 1.1.463 in Ubuntu 18.10. My Global Options>Appearance>Themes menu only shows "Modern" and "Sky." Is there a way to install or enable the other themes? In particular, I want the Dark theme.

Could you set the theme to Modern and choose an Editor theme that has a dark background?
I'm on Version 1.2.1555, and Modern updates the overall theme to match the editor theme.

Hi I was a little confused in my last reply, sorry.

If you want the dark theme; just set your IDE theme to Modern, and select a dark Editor theme, for example dracula. The IDE will switch between dark and light to match.

A few pro tips to further custimize your theme, check out the full instructions at the link below, and in particular check out the "Making and Sharing Themes" section

For an example of a really cool looking custom theme, check out RStudio IDE Dark Theme for Apple Lovers.


Ha! I thought I had tried that, and it only made the editor dark. But it does seem to be global.

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