Dark theme data viewer

Love the new data viewer feature but is there a way to change the font color for the column and row headings? On cobalt it’s dark grey on top of darker grey.

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I'm not sure, but I just took a quick look at the appearance options and I don't believe so. I think that you would have to change the entire editor theme. I use Merbivore Soft and find it incredibly readable.

Have you tried any of the other themes, or are you completely attached to cobalt?

Which data viewer are you referring to? The one that you get from View() or by clicking on the variable in the Environment pane? On Windows 7 with the Cobalt theme, View(iris) looks like this for me:

Or are you talking about a different window?

After quitting / restarting the session on Server Pro it now shows up like the screen cap above. We just upgraded our server so I'm guessing it had to do with that.

Yes, there's a known issue with upgrades wherein the old styles mix with the new for a short period of time. Apologies for the inconvenience!