Dark mode ggplot2 therme white stripes

Hello everyone,

It is rather a petty question, but I try to make a dark theme plot with the following script and the "plot" vector I have produced with ggplot2.

Unfortunately there are these two white stripes on right and left of the y-axis.
Would anyone know what they could be? I spent hours trying to find the right command to fill them black!

plot + theme(
legend.background = element_rect(colour = "black", fill = "black"),
plot.background = element_rect(fill = "black") ,
legend.text= element_text(colour = "white" ) ,
legend.title= element_text(colour = "black" ) ,
axis.text.x= element_text(colour = "black" ) ,
axis.title.y= element_text(colour = "black" ) ,
panel.background= element_rect(fill = "black") ,
legend.box.background= element_rect(fill = "black") ,
line=element_line(colour = "black"),
rec=element_rect(fill = "black"),
title=element_text(colour = "white" ),

try with

 panel.grid = element_line(colour="black"),
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It was indeed what was missing nirgrahamuk.
Thank you for the help!

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