Daily analysis sample

Hi POSIT community,
i have a public data sample and i want to carry our daily analysis(i.e. Monday, Tuesday etc). After checking my number of records the distribution is not ideal:
Weekday freq
1 Friday 123
2 Monday 118
3 Saturday 115
4 Sunday 112
5 Thursday 143
6 Tuesday 149
7 Wednesday 147
As you can see have less records on Sundays than other days.The issue is that the Average on Sundays is lower:
Columns: 2
Weekday <fct> Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday TotalDistanceAvg 5.467966, 5.697383, 5.358980, 5.167413, 5.162439, 5.140348, 4.303661
After further analysis of other KPIs it doesn't make sense.
If i don't have any other sources or options, what is the best approach to manage this sample? For example can i select equal number of records from Monday to Sunday based on the lowest number of records?
Many thanks

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