D3partitionR chart not working on shiny server ,but working in shiny locally

D3partitionchart working fine in shiny locally but on shiny server I am getting the following eror,please help me on this issue
Warning: Error in [.data.table: SETLENGTH() cannot be applied to an ALTVEC object.
113: [.data.table
109: split.data.table
107: df_to_nest
106: compile_D3_partitionR
105: plot.D3partitionR
103: function_list[[k]]
101: freduce
100: _fseq
99: eval
98: eval
96: %>%
95: func [/home/mykampaign/R/ShinyApps/Segmentation/server.R#25]
82: origRenderFunc
81: output$D
1: runApp
Thanks in Advance,

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