Customizing Leaflet Icons

I am trying to make an interactive leaflet map in R that allows you to search for cities.

Here is the code I am using:


# using the same reproducible data from the question/example
cities <- na.omit(read.csv(
    textConnection("City,Lat,Long,Pop, term1, term2
                    Boston,42.3601,-71.0589,645966, AAA, BBB
                    Hartford,41.7627,-72.6743,125017, CCC, DDD
                    New York City,40.7127,-74.0059,8406000, EEE, FFF
                    Philadelphia,39.9500,-75.1667,1553000, GGG, HHH
                    Pittsburgh,40.4397,-79.9764,305841, III, JJJ
                    Providence,41.8236,-71.4222,177994, JJJ, LLL

And here is the code for the map:

leaflet(cities) %>%
  addProviderTiles(providers$OpenStreetMap) %>%
  addMarkers(clusterOptions = markerClusterOptions()) %>%
  addResetMapButton() %>%
  # these markers will be "invisible" on the map:
    data = cities, lng = ~Long, lat = ~Lat, label = cities$City,
    group = 'cities',# this is the group to use in addSearchFeatures()
    # make custom icon that is so small you can't see it:
    icon = makeIcon(
      iconUrl = "",
      iconWidth = 1, iconHeight = 1
    )) %>%
  addMarkers(data = cities, lng = ~Long, lat = ~Lat, 
             label = cities$term1, group = 'term1') %>% 
  addMarkers(data = cities, lng = ~Long, lat = ~Lat, 
             label = cities$term2, group = 'term2') %>% 
    targetGroups = c('cities', 'term1', 'term2'), # group should match addMarkers() group
    options = searchFeaturesOptions(
      zoom=12, openPopup = TRUE, firstTipSubmit = TRUE,
      autoCollapse = TRUE, hideMarkerOnCollapse = TRUE

In the above map that is produced - the blue pins and the green circles DO NOT collapse into each other.

Is there a way to change this?


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