Customizing landing page and linking to apps


I have several shiny apps. I was planning to just add them to different tabs of one shiny app, but I'd like to instead take advantage of the landing page. None of these apps require a login - as such, I've selected "Anyone - No login required" under "Who can view this document".

My question: What is the best way for people to access each app from the landing page? I found the Example Landing Page in the opt folder ( Since I'm not using logins for my apps, should I just link them on the landing page?

E.g., if the address for my website is "", should I just add href="" for the first app, href="" for the second app, etc., to the html file for my landing page? (I know I will need to do a lot more formatting - just wondering if this is the best path forward).

Thank you!

Thanks so much for reaching out here! This is a fantastic question!

You are exactly right that you can use the custom landing page and add links for your applications. You can use either absolute / fully qualified links (i.e. or absolute path-based links (i.e. /app1) in your href targets.

However, we would recommend moving that example directory out of the /opt/rstudio-connect directory, lest your changes be overwritten by a future upgrade to Connect.

Further, we would advise not to sink too much time into this process, as a coming RStudio Connect release should have a better story for creating these types of landing pages!! :smile: (we are working on an improvement right now!).

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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Shoot! I was pretty happy with my landing page. Will I be able to keep it with the newest release?

Thank you for the info!

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Oh yes, definitely!! The stuff I am talking about has not released yet, so no worries - also, as far as I am aware, we are not supplanting functionality / etc. So I do not think you should have any issues! We are just making it easier to implement these types of things :smile: If I hear otherwise, I will definitely let you know (and there will be many other users in your shoes as well).

I'm glad to hear you got your landing page into a place you are happy with!!