Customize a presentation (design)

Like others before me I have also spent hours trying to customize a Rmarkdown presentation. My goal is to make a number of changes to make the slides as similar as possible as our corporate template, for instance:

  • add background color to the footer
  • reorder footer elements (title)
  • add a two color background, which specific sizes, to the header
  • add a custom slide to the beginning of the presentation (whithout a title, just corporate motto and logo)
  • position a logo in a precise location with a specific size in the title slide

The last item I got by creating a new csss, but I am struggling to find how to modify most elements, for example the header and footer background. In fact I don't even know their classes names.

I have started with the ioslides default because it was the one that is more similar to corporate style, but I am not tied to it and will use whichever is more flexible and has better documentation on how to modify individual elements or add new ones.

So my question is: how do I find out which css elements are part of a presentation, and is there a good tutorial on this?


I have decided that customizing an html presentation would not be possible without spending some serious time learning and hacking css, so I created a pptx template. Also easier to share internally with shareholders that will probably edit the presentation.

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Thanks for sharing ! That is interesting feedbacks !

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