"custom tutorial IDs and versions" doesn't seem to work

I'm following this link to define custom tutorial id and version using YAML metadata.

Then, I use filesystem_storage option (see below) to save tutorial states to the shiny server pro.


According to the documentation, the states should be saved in the directory "The direcotry will contain tutorial state data partitioned by user_id, tutorial_id, and tutorial_version (in that order)"

However, the custom tutorial_id and tutorial_version I specified was not used, instead it uses the default tutorial_id (Network origin and path of tutorial) and tutorial_version (1.0).

Can anyone shed light on this?

I just found out that it actually does work if I do the following:

  • upload only the Rmd file to the server
  • connect from client browser to the Rmd file, and the server automatically "knit" the Rmd and generates the html

by going thru this process, the custom tutorial id and version are now observed by the filesystem_storage option.

I still would like to know if there is way for the filesystem_storage to recognize me uploading both Rmd and already knited html files.

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