Custom Domain with SSL Please! - URGENT


I started hosting an app with a custom domain on ShinyIO, which uses only HTTP. I didn't find any way to activate the HTTPS option or use my SSL certificate. Given how insanely expensive the professional account is ($299 a month), I assumed that such a basic feature is already covered. The lack of HTTPS renders the whole application insecure and automatically useless!

There are already several posts in the community going back to 2018. I hope this is resolved, but I didn't find documentation. Can anyone help, please?

Thanks in advance!

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although - does not currently support secure URLs for custom domains. The URLs you define in the application settings are accessible only via the http protocol, not the https protocol.

yet -

While custom domains are served over http, the shiny application itself is served over https. Custom domains are implemented as http pages that have the https URL embedded in an iframe, so the app content itself is secure.

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In addition to @nirgrahamuk 's comment that the app itself is served over HTTPS...

If you really wanted the URL to have HTTPS/SSL, you can by a dirt cheap domain and just put the Shiny app on it via iframe (tutorial).

That way you can use your free -hosted application on your SSL website.

EDIT : This is still a huge problem because:

  1. iframes do not play well with sizing specifications of shiny apps, the result can be very poor
  2. Although the app itself may be served over SSL, who cares? A user visiting your site will only see a warning say "Not secure!" and tells users to not proceed.

I agree, this is not acceptable given the very high price of a pro account on and the "benefit" of custom URLs (when they are not served over https)

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Is there any development? I really don't understand the point of purchasing pro version if a basic functionality of https is not going to be there.