Custom domain pointing to deployed shiny app uses iframe


I'd like to re-open this topic Shiny app with custom domain is in iframe, so how I control the page title??

I have an R Shiny dashboard deployed to which produces a URL of the following structure https:// <account-name><application-name>/ .

My dashboard behaves as expected with regards to all code including referenced JavaScript and CSS files, when visited using this URL.

I have set up a custom domain with a neater URL which points to the longer shinyapps generated one.

Oddly, when navigating to the dashboard via this custom domain, my website’s style is affected. The scroll bar disappears completely. When checking the source code of both URLs (longer shinyapps generated and shorter custom domain), it seems that additional styling is imposed by the custom domain and overflow: hidden; is added among other things.

**My question is: ** can a domain used to navigate to a website alter the style sheet of that website?

A StackOverflow user asked me in the comments of my post if I am using an iframe to display the web app. It looks like I have the same question as the topic referenced above which is now closed. How do I control the CSS of the iframe/webpage which points to the deployed shiny app so that expected behaviour is observed on shiny app?

Hi, can you provide more details. It is not clear how did you set up the neater URL.
Have you included your shiny app as an iframe in another website?
Or you used the custom domain service?
Basically the iframe style shouldn't be affected by any external css you have in the main page. But it would be good if you share more details or the link to your app.

Here the SO crosspost can be found: