Current best practice for Python and possible documentation discrepancy

Firstly, I'd like to thank the RStudio documentation team for their work. I find RStudio's documentation to be incredibly useful and well-written.

I have noticed two conflicting approaches for installing Python:

I recall that when RStudio's best practice for installing R changed from "install from source" to "install from pre-built binaries", there was a case where not all documentation was updated accordingly (Package Manager documentation if I recall correctly).

In the case of Python, I noticed that the Connect documentation refers to installing from source while the other documentation suggests a Miniconda install via a BASH script.
Just wanted to check if the Connect documentation is up to date or if the Miniconda approach is advised now for Connect also?

Appreciate the feedback.

I have noticed that is in line with so I presume that it's likely an oversight.

It appears that there is some overlap between the Connect install guide ( and admin guide (
I guess the documentation release cadence may differ for the two?

In any case, thanks again to the documentation team, I appreciate and value RStudio's documentation.

It appears that the admin guide has now been updated.
Thank you!

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