cumulative survival/incidence rate after weighting using survey::svykm()

Hey guys, I have a (beginner?) question.

I drew a weighted Kaplan-Meier survival plor using the survey::svykm() function, like this:

data(pbc, package="survival")
pbc$randomized <- with(pbc, ! & trt>0)
biasmodel <- glm(randomized~age*edema,data=pbc)
pbc$randprob <- fitted(biasmodel)

dpbc<-svydesign(id=~1, prob=~randprob, strata=~edema, data=subset(pbc,randomized))
s2 <-svykm(Surv(time,status>0) ~ sex, design = dpbc)

svyjskm(s2, pval = T,  table = T, design = dpbc)

Now I would like to calculate the survival rates in the two groups, similar to what I would get when using summary(x, times = c(1:5)) on a survfit object. Does anybody know how I can extract these values?

Many thanks in advance!

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