Ctrl-Shift-L marks line instead of running `devtools::load_all()`

Ctrl-Shift-L should as far as I see be the keyboard shortcut for running devtools::load_all().

In my case (RStudio Version 1.1.423 X11; Linux x86_64) it only marks the line when pressed in the editor.

Nothing seems to happen when pressed in the console.

For me ctrl+shift+L works, but ctrl+shift+D (it's mapped to Document package in RStudio) doesn't -- it copies current line instead. Not sure if that's the same problem as you have.

I had this happen on multiple machines (both on Macs and on Linux), so not sure what I'm doing wrong to produce this behavior.

On as Mac, I get the same behavior as Priesimut in the source panel. Additional presses of command+shift+L in the source panel selects the line below.

There has been many discussions about the command/ctrl+shift+L shortcut:


Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. I was actually afraid, that I'm the only one with this problem. I had seen the post to which you provided the link. In my case, the key shortcut does not clear the console as described there (Crtl-L would do so), but just marks the line as you also wrote.