Ctrl+F feature is too rude


I think it was a worthwhile experiment, but I find the dialog after hitting Ctrl+F on this website too rude. Can that keyboard shortcut be disabled?

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I'm actually not totally sure what you're referring to (when I hit Ctrl + F, it uses my finder just like it would on any webpage). @EconomiCurtis? I'm also a little unclear as to what you mean by rude. If you could clarify, I'm sure we can get it worked out (Curtis knows about changing back-end discourse stuff).

Discourse is supposed to have its own Ctrl+F. This is because it loads replies only as you scroll down (or up), and so your browser's page search may not behave as you think it does.

Here's s discussion:

Oddly, I have seen discourse' search before, but right now ctrl+F just open's my chrome browser's page search.

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I see it very inconsistently. From the linked page, it looks like it will generally only happen on longer threads. The purpose is to allow searching of full topics when the dynamic post loading means that some of the replies will not be loaded in the browser.

The workaround mentioned in the linked thread is mostly reasonable (if annoying to get used to) -- hit Ctrl-F twice to use the browser version.

Yes, this is the problem I'm seeing. It doesn't seem too far-fetched to expect all the replies to be loaded, but if only a few replies can be loaded at once, I'd prefer Ctrl+F only query the ones that are.

The problem with the current approach is that: (a) it's startling or "rude", by which I mean it changes a very common action (hitting Ctrl+F) to mean something apparently quite different, (b) the search results don't provide enough context to commit to one, and (c) the search results are quite limited in cardinality -- sometimes I want to scroll to an instance of 'dplyr' a fair way down the thread, and (d) it's inconsistent.

Seems like you're aware of the difference, though.

I'm not sure that we even have admin-level control over this. (See meta discourse thread ↓)

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