.csv contains improper quoting and variable class


My .csv files have quoting like this:
""sp2" "ika2" "t114" "t115" "systbp2" "lenght" "weight" "bmi"". The beginning and ending shows backslashes in R.
When I import with Rio to a data.table the improper quoting warning goes of with quote = "", but the first column gender and last bmi are character columns and I need to merge columns with data.tables that gender as integer and bmi numeric. When I try to chance character class to integer and numeric, it turns out NULL.

What could be done? And what could be the purpose for beginning and ending quotes like this? I Have six tables that begin and end like this.

Desperately seeking for some ideas and help! :tired_face:

if your question is about turning character variables that represent numbers into numeric variables, then I recommend readr package, which has parse_number() function

Thank you, I will try that. Import with Rio package was nice, because it inhibited Excel corrupt laboratory values from turning to dates and other values when importing to R.

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