CSS Table width in Rmarkdown for HTML output

Hello community, I'm using CSS multiple columns in my Rmarkdown html output, so I'm using a flex display DIV that have two Columns, the first contain a plot (width 35%),

the second (width 65%) should contain a two column Table, the problem that this table do not have the same column size (the why and interpretation columns), I insert the table using the "Visual markdown editor",
I tried different classes (.column, .table), different style and keys (table-layout: fixed..) but with no result
Here you can find the code I'm working on and the actual result

::: {style="display: flex;"}
::: {.column width="35%" padding="50px"}
```{r echo=FALSE, , fig.width=12, fig.height=12}


::: {.column width="65%"}
::: {.table table-layout="fixed}
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