CSS for Printing


I have been using the distill package to create a blog for my advanced regression class this semester. (All files available on github and can be seen here.) It looks great on the web, but when students print a post (e.g., class notes) or print to PDF, the formatting is whacky. See images below.) I have been thinking about including a CSS file for formatting the site for printing.

Has anyone used such a CSS file with distill? And would you be willing to share how to use this?

My guess is that something like the following would be included in a header.html file

<link rel="stylesheet" media="print" href="print.css" />

And then the header.html file could be called from the _site.yml file.

Image of web view of post

Image of print view of post

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Hi @AndyZ

Sorry for the delay

Did you end up creating such files ?

I don't have specific knowledge of what should be done for distill but we could certainly add some print.css rule if needed so that it is included in distill.

You can open a feature request there, sharing what you found so far.