Csl option in the YAML is not working

Hi Rstudio Community,

I am trying to make a paper in Rmarkdown. It is mandatory for me do it with the citation in American Psychological Association (APA) in its 7th edition. I am doing it like this:

In this sense both of the files (apa.cls and TFG.bib) are in the directory said bygetwd()and the bibliography is exported by Zotero in 8UTF in Bibtex format. The CSL format is dowloaded for here: American Psychological Association 7th edition

The result of the bibliography is this one:


The librarys that I call are this ones:


My problem is that does't matter what I put in the csl becouse always the output is the same, the first picture of bibliography. It could be something in Zotero?Or is something in Rstudio that I am forgetting?`


Your screenshot show that you use the key cls and not csl to pass the CSL file. Please try with the right key in the YAML field.

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embarrassed, 3 days of waste of time :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

Thanks and sorry for waste your time

No worries. It helps sharing this kind of stuff so do not hesitate to ask !

hopefully one day, RStudio IDE will offer a linter or something to help with YAML header syntax

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