Crosstalk Integration

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a flexdashboard that includes a Data Table along with Crosstalk Filters. My data includes similar data that I would like to aggregate to find the means of certain categories according to filter criteria. Basically, the table will be aggregated data.

It is my understanding that Crosstalk wasn't meant to aggregate data, but does anyone know a way around this? I'm willing to look at any way possible.

Thank you!

Hi @nateadam. Yes, Crosstalk wasn't designed to aggregate. You can integrate Shiny with Crosstalk to drive calculations, of course.

SummaryWidget is Crosstalk-compatible. You can use a filter to update statements about the count, sum or mean of your values. This may not be the format you want, but it is only dependent on Crosstalk.

I'd be interested to hear if you've found another solution since your post.

Hi Matt,

I have been researching and haven't come up with a solution. Shiny with Crosstalk looks like my best bet. Thank you! I was wondering if you knew of a line of code that could aggregate the data frame. It does not like me to try to coerce the shared data frame using the command "aggregate".

Thanks again,