`{crosstalk}`-esque single date slider/locked width slider for a `{leaflet}` map

Good afternoon,

I'm looking to create a HTML document with a {leaflet} map in it that helps track the development of a pollution episode. I'd like to create a user interface in which a user could drag a bar, similar to crosstalk::filter_slider(), which would update the corresponding {leaflet} map to show data from that date.

I don't want to do this in {shiny} to make this more shareable.

What I've tried:

  • {crosstalk} - it only seems to have a two-value range slider, which isn't any good for me (I want to show one day's pollutant concentrations at a time, not two or more).

  • {leaftime} - it seems to have an upper limit on the amount of data it'll use before it stops working.

  • {leaflet.extras2} - it won't show every marker initially, it seems more set up to show a single marker moving over time rather than a lot of markers changing colour.

I think the solutions I have in my head are either:

  1. A single value equivalent of filter_slider() where you select one date, or

  2. The ability to lock the width of filter_slider() to one 24 hour period so that users can still drag the range about, but it'll only ever be 1 day in width.

I'd post to the {crosstalk} repo but it doesn't look like its been updated in 2 years so I'm not confident its being developed that actively.


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