Crosstable, easily describe your dataset - Table Contest Submission

Crosstable, easily describe your dataset

Authors: Dan Chaltiel

Abstract: Whenever you are analyzing a dataset, the first thing you probably need to do is a quick description of your population.
In medical science, this is often referred to as "table one" and it can be quite tedious to release such a table with both interesting calculations and a neat design.
But fear no more here comes {crosstable}!
In one single command, this package allows you to gather all the information on the columns of your choice, should they be numeric, categorical, date, or even survival, but also to calculate effect sizes and even statistical tests.
The output can then be turned into a sexy HTML table, that you can further embed in a Rmarkdown document using {knitr} or in an MS Word file using {officer}.

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Table: An R package Crosstables for descriptive analyses • crosstable
Repo: GitHub - DanChaltiel/crosstable: Easy and thorough description of datasets
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