Cross recurrence analysis time series problems

Hi, I am using cross recurrence quantification analysis (CRQA) to analysis NBA players as dynamic system. For example, Close defense distance(CLOSE_DEF_DIST) is analyzed as a time series. I use to a loop to analysis all the players. Due to the fact that some players' close defense distance time series are problematic, so that I couldn't run it. I want to detect these problematic time series and remove them in my code. But the problem is that I dont know how to write such code to return these abnormal time series and remove them. I am wondering if someone can help me out with it.


This is my code and with the warning message:

list <- unique(nba_project$player_id)
for (j in 1: length(list)){
  case <- list[j]
  subdata <- subset(nba_project, player_id == case)
  optimp <- optimizeParam(ts1 = subdata$CLOSE_DEF_DIST, ts2 = subdata$CLOSE_DEF_DIST,
                          par = list(lgM = 20, radiusspan = 100, radiussample = 40,
                                     normalize = 0, rescale = 0, mindiagline = 2,
                                     minvertline = 2, tw = 0, whiteline = FALSE,
                                     recpt = FALSE, fnnpercent = 10, typeami = "mindip"), 
                          min.rec = 2, max.rec = 5)

  cradd <- crqa(ts1 = subdata$CLOSE_DEF_DIST, ts2 = subdata$CLOSE_DEF_DIST,
                delay = optimp$delay, embed = optimp$emddim, radius = optimp$radius,
                normalize = 0, rescale = 0, 
                mindiagline = 2,
                minvertline = 2, tw = 0, whiteline = FALSE,
                recpt = FALSE, side = "both")
    table <$RR, cradd$DET, cradd$ENTR, 
                            cradd$LAM, cradd$TT))
  } else {
    new.player <-$RR, cradd$DET, cradd$ENTR, 
                                   cradd$LAM, cradd$TT))
    table<- rbind(table, new.player)

Error in optimizeParam(ts1 = subdata$CLOSE_DEF_DIST, ts2 = subdata$CLOSE_DEF_DIST,  : 
  (converted from warning) Optimal Radius Not found: try again choosing a wider radius span and larger sample size

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