Creating variable to use in file.path command

I am trying to use R to analyze a batch of data from LCMS. I am using an R package that has already been developed. I am new to using R. In the code I input a file path as a variable inside the function as shown below.

			filepath.mzXML<- "/Users/phoebe/Desktop/R-code test", )'

Later in the code, it uses this variable to do the file.path function. I get the following Error code when I run the code.

+ 			filepath.mzXML<- "/Users/phoebekeyes/Desktop/R-code test",
Error: unexpected assignment in:

Can someone help me determine how to resolve this issue? Thank you in advance!

This doesn't need to be in a function. Use

filepath.mzXML <- "/Users/phoebekeyes/Desktop/R-code test"

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