Creating student version of assignment from assignment solution in Rstudio Desktop

I want to create a student version of the assignment from assignment solution in Rstudio. I am aware of nbgrader in jupyter notebooks.

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The answer depends on what aspect of nbgrader you're looking for in R/RStudio:

  • nbgrader has a fetch assignment feature where students make a copy of an assignment you posted, this is similar to "start assignment" on RStudio Cloud. See under Assignments at One thing I'm not sure of is whether nbgrader can create a student version from an "answer key" you post, if you're using the autograding feature. If yes, and that's what you're trying to replicate, there isn't currently such a feature in RStudio Cloud. If you were distributing Rmd files to students and had certain chunks that contained answers labeled following a convention, you could programatically generate versions of these Rmd files with those chunks removed. Others might have ideas for slicker solutions!

  • if you are looking to replicate the autograding feature itself of nbgrader, something similar in R is the gradethis package ( that is designed to work with learnr tutorials.

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Thanks for your reply. I looked at the Rcloud features, these are awesome.

But yes, I am looking to replicate the feature that can automatically create a student version of RMD file from "Answer Key RMD" file. If you could recommend someone to let me know how programmatically I can do that.


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