Creating Projects In SharePoint drives

In my job we save a lot of our files in SharePoint directories. Besides having everything in a sharable location, we make use of the versioning of SharePoint. Recently some sort of update was made within our tech department or something, and I can no longer create or open an R project file. I can open a *.R or *.RMD file, but the *.RPROJ files won't open. I get an error that says,
"[File] could not be opened: unable to initialize project - system error 222 (the file type being saved or retrieved has been blocked)

I was told that SharePoint won't let you create a file that begins with a period. I assume it's from trying to create a .RHistory file. I tried going into settings and I unchecked "Restore .RData into workspace at startup", switched "Save workspace to .RData on exit:" to never. In the History section of Options I unchecked "Always save history (even when not saving .RData"

I don't know where else RStudio is trying to create a file that begins with a period and how to shut it off, but that is what my IT team is telling me is what is causing it to give me an error when opening or creating project files.

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