creating predictive scoring

Hello all! I need help with the following. I am working on predictive model that would determine the outcome of test positive or negative. I have finalized my model. Based on the coeficient of the final model I have created score. I want to come up with cut off values for that score. And I also want to compare the accuracy of the score to the final model. I am a little confused about how would I proceed about that. I am providing my codes here.

This is my finale model:model <- glm(scan_type ~age_ge_80+age_65_80+sex+htn+pwt_ge_12+pwt_ge_13.5+lvef_50+carpaltunnel+dm
, data = train_data, family = binomial). And this is the score.
omitna$weighted_score <- weighted_sex + weighted_pwt + weighted_htn+weighted_pwt+weighted_age+weighted_ct+weighted_dm.
Thank you

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