Creating multiple tables and plots on a single report page using RMarkdown


I’m looking to create a multi-page PDF report using RMarkdown. This report should have tables and graphics on the same page, such as the attached example.

Can anyone share some resources on combining multiple graphs and tables of data onto a single page? I’ve considered {pagedown} and {posterdown} but neither look like an ideal solution.

With pagedown, you'll be able to control the look of your document using CSS and Paged Media to then create a HTML paged you'll be able to print.

This will require you to do some heavy customisation though in html template, inside css and all, but I think it is possible.

It's possible. §§ 2.1 and 5.1 of the Bookdown Book will get you started. You can get very fine grained with \LaTeX, but that's a steep hill

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I agree with @cderv, pagedown will get you what you need. It requires some learning of CSS and HTML, but either skill will allow you to expand your skills.

There's help on how to create landscape pages within pagedown and a lot of resources when it comes to learning CSS.


Thanks @technocrat. I think your link is the incorrect one?

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Dope slap me for recursion!

The corrected link

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