Creating interactive map with radiuses and different variables

...Hello all,

I am trying to create a map of the US with latitudes and longitudes and a radius distance from this longitude and latitude. Every circle's size is a function of this radius. This distance is the max distance in which a worker can go away from his/her latitude and longitude

In addition to this, I have different categories that I want to include as widgets.
For instance, I want a widget for skills, where a person may have skill A, skill C, and skill F only if I check them. As I select those, the relevant circles will show on the map. Also, I want another widget for days. If Mon and Fri are checked, then only the circles for Mon and Fri will be shown on the map. Are there any recommendations on what tools to use to do this app?

Can leaflet and shiny together do something like that?

I appreciate your response if you have experience with this type problem.

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