Creating flagged categories for anthropometric

Hello- trying to create flags for anthropometric values; when I insert the following, I receive this error message: Problem with mutate() input haz_category.
x LHS of case 3 (3) must be a logical vector, not a double vector.
i Input haz_category is case_when(...).

#Child Anthropometric Categories- HAZ : Flagged HAZ -6 | +6
df_childanthrounder5 <- df_childanthrounder5 %>%
mutate(haz_category = case_when(hfaz>=-2 ~ "Not stunted",
(hfaz<-2 & hfaz>=-3) ~ "Moderately stunted",
hfaz<-3 ~ "Severely stunted",
hfaz<-6 ~ "Flagged- WHO <-6",
hfaz>6 ~ "Flagged- WHO >6",
TRUE ~ "missing")) #all other cases

I think we need a lot more information about your code and data.

Have a look at

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