Creating dynamic sites with R

R Can help create

  1. Presentations
  2. Blog
  3. Static webpages
  4. Dashboard

I just want to know can I create a full fledged dynamic webpage with R. In which we can create multiple href to connect the pages and use data validation. Where should I search for it.

Please do reply.

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dynamic webpage rings as shiny in my R mind. Did you look into it ?

I think you could build something to achieve what you seek with UI part for interaction and a server part to deal with data validation and other things.

Shiny doesn't provide a way to write multiple page app at all. Its not like i can create different pagesand link them. Even modularization doesn't solve the problem.
You are limited to write a single page app.

Say if i want to create a site shree user can login i cant write authentication or caching or routing mechanisms.

Its limited to dashboard i guess. Is there anybody who used shiny to create a complicated web page like this one, that we are using.

I would surely like to know

Hi @Anantadinath, I'm assuming that the links between the app/pages should have some sort of parameters to customize the content of the target page, if I'm in the ballpark of what you want to do, then Shiny's Bookmarking State may be of help: I had a dashboard that called another Shiny report and passed the parameters encoded in the href call.