creating a vector of words in comments but excluding words from another vector

Hi there,
Im a relative Noob to R, Ive just started Post Grad data science, and this is my first exposure to R

I am working with comments from a survey, and want to get a feel for word frequency.
I have a vector comment which contains all the words from the comments, but I want to exclude words like the, a, is etc from the analysis.

I have a vector text
text=c('cat', 'dog', 'mouse', 'the', 'and')
I have another vector exclude
exclude=c('the', 'and')

and want to create the vector text1
('cat', 'dog', 'mouse')

Ive tried subset, and a couple of other solutions Ive found online. I know its going to be a simple answer. TIA

There is this free book that might help you with this task and possible with other tasks as well:

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Like mishabalyasin, I'm a fan of "teach a man to fish." Still, for your specific question, use setdiff():

text <- c('cat', 'dog', 'mouse', 'the', 'and')
exclude <- c('the', 'and')
setdiff(text, exclude)
# [1] "cat"   "dog"   "mouse"


Thanks for the recommendation on the book.
and setdiff() did exactly what I need

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