Creating a tidyverse like package inside a company

Hello RStudio Community,

Within my company I have written a suite of packages we will call companyverse which includes packages like companydata, companyutils, etc.

Additionally the company uses an internal CRAN artifactory repository to distribute private CRAN packages within the company. My file is modified to account for this and to allow me to download packages from there. I want my companyverse package to behave like tidyverse so that it installs the dependencies it needs when running install.packages('companyverse') but unfortunately it only installs the companyverse package and nothing else.

I am wondering whether this is because the package depencies (companydata, companyutils...) are located in a non-standard CRAN repo. Along this line I've tried adding a Remotes: url:: to my DESCRIPTION file as suggested here but that does not seem to fix it. Should I maybe use something other than install.packages(). All help and comments are super super welcome!

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