Creating a summary of transaction count by date

I am working on a table which has transaction records of a product in a store. Now I have to create a summary of transaction count by date. How can I do that?

Here's the code I am writing but it's not giving the desired output

transactions_by_date <- transaction_data %>%
group_by(transaction_data$DATE) %>%
summarise(count = n_distinct(transaction_data$DATE))

It's giving me a tibble of 364 x 2 of:

Date and total no. of distinct records in front of dates column like

2018-07-01 364
2018-07-02 364
2018-07-03 364

--and so on...

But I want total 364 records with date and no. of transactions made on that particular day

Hi @UpasanaSharma ,

Could you please provide a sample (made-up) dataset, which we could use to provide help?

Thank you.

This is not valid dplyr syntax, I think you want to do something like this


transactions_by_date <- transaction_data %>%
    count(DATE, name = "count")

If you need more specific help, please provide a proper REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue.

I solved it, but thanks.

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I solved it, but thanks for the suggestion.

And how did you solve it?

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