Creating a shiny app UI for R model

Hi Team,
I am facing a problem for creating a shiny app UI for R model which I have created.
Please help me in creating a shiny app UI model.
I need a three button one for training the data ,second one for predicting new data and third one for updating the new training data to the training button.
I have created the code in R language but can't create the UI model and split the code to all three button.

Please help me in this query.
Thanks in advance.

If you are just starting out with Shiny I'd encourage you to work through the tutorials at Learn Shiny It'll walk you through how to set-up simple shiny apps and deploy them, as well as how to connect UI elements to your R code.

In terms of helping get your existing code up and running, it's usually helpful to develop a minimal reproducible example (FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one?) of your problematic code that people here can use as a starting point.

Also, welcome to Appu Kumar tiwari!

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Hi Curtis,
I have created the UI model and I was trying to integrate with it but getting error in default :subscript out of bonds

Hi Curtis,
Can we have a call regarding this because I am facing problem in integrating it and getting error

Hi apputiwari,
If you are a commercial customer of RStudio, you of course have access to RStudio's commercial support.

In terms of support for free and open source RStudio, though RStudio-folks are generally not available for calls to support our open source products (we run a tight ship and just don't have the staff), this is a good forum to seek help.

The shiny team just put together the following: Shiny debugging and reprex guide. If the debugging steps don't help, post a shiny reprex (or the closest thing you can). That will make it easier for those who'd like to help to replicate your issue and offer advice on how to resolve it.

Having said that, in terms of the subscript out of bounds error, below is a general guide to that type of error.
But, at this point, I am not confident that guide will be helpful to you since I don't know enough about your particular error. What info would be helpful? check out the reprex of Shiny debugging and reprex guide