Creating a search index of shiny apps on a server

I am slowly building a collection of mostly very small shiny apps at, the source is at However, my index to them is a simple index.html list and I am realising that what the users I am hoping to help probably need is a page that would search the apps and show them which do what. I am thinking that I could store keywords and a short description in comments in the apps and probably also whether the app produces graphics/plots. I'm thinking that I could also store a dump of a typical graph/plot and screengrab of text output in the app folder as graph1.png (and perhaps graph2.png to say graph3 if appropriate) and as screengrab1.png (ditto). It's then not rocket science to write a r script that parses the apps say daily and reads the keywords, description and file locations into a tibble and then to write a shiny app that uses that daily updated tibble to allow the user to search and get a much more useful route into the apps than my index.html currently provides.

So the question: surely someone has already done this?! If so, so far, I couldn't find it. I'd love to hear if there is such a system and, if not, any suggestions people may have.