creating a pdf doc using RMarkdown

hi in doing a statistical report, do we enter the code in A or B(labeled photo)? thank you!

Save the file as something.Rmd then click on the knit button is the easiest way.

oh what i mean is in starting to create a statistical report,which will be also saved as pdf, should the code be entered in A or B? thank you!

You can do it either way, but A is easier. From RStudio: File | New | RMarkdown and choose PDF.

ok thank you for the clarification!

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just to confirm, following the sample screenshot above; as an example in starting a stat report, it is better that all the code be written here until applicable? thank you.

Lines 29 to 34 have to be move to line 1 and a blank line should follow

this is noted, pls check corrected format below. thank you.

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That should work, although Iā€™m not familiar with the last line, urlcolor

alright will work on this. thank you!

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