Creating a new vector from multiple operations

Hi I want to save the result of some operations in a new vector. Let´s say I have this tibble


my_data <- tibble(
                  Var_1 = c(900, 1500, 350, 1200, 750, 100,125,250,300),
                  Var_2 = c(385, 988, 150, 355,555, 900,20, 25, 500),
                  Var_3 = c(2.2, 3.1, 8.2, 4.2, 5.3, 6.8, 12, 25, 1))

And I want to perform some operations like


How I create a new vector to save the result of this 3 operations?
Thanks in advance

(new_vec1 <- c(sum(my_data$Var_1) ,
(new_vec2 <- my_data %>% summarise_all(sum) %>% unlist)
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Many thanks,
If the data came from differents dataframes is still posible to use the dplyr way?

you could do it for as many dataframes as you like, and then combine the results together with c()
you could iterate with the purrr package functions if needed.

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