Creating a function

Can someone help me finish this function:

# Transformation
Function_Thingie <- function(input_text_df,input_reg_ex){
#Needs to take in a tibble with an id column with the name `id` and a column containing text with the column name `text`.

#This function has an argument called `input_reg_ex` (where the user can specify a regular expression.)
#The function should be written such that it identifies rows in `input_text_df` (considering only the matched rows)
#then the function should tokenize, remove stopwords and finally return the 15 most frequent words.

  # Tokenizing
    unnest_tokens(word, text)

# Side-effect
counts <- function(tokens){
  # Counting words within documents
  count_tokens <- tokens %>%
  # Arrange and show top 15
  top_15 <- count_tokens %>%
    arrange(desc(n)) %>%
  tokens %>%
  anti_join(stop_words, by = c("word" = "word"))

I have done some of the function, but I can't figure out how to do the rest, I think what I have done is correct so far but I am far from being sure.

You don't tell what is wrong is this function (assuming you tried to execute it).
Without doing that myself (I don't know which libraries your are using) I would start by returning the top_15 variable and see what happens.

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