Creating a DataTable to display Devices which when clicked brings up a graph


I have been googling how to create a Data Table which will list IoT devices that are out in the field collecting Temperature and Humidity Data. The Data Table part is simple enough but for full detail I will mention everything.
The Data Table will have the following columns
Device Name, Current Temperature, Current Humidity, Max temperature for the day etc.

I would like the Device Name to by hyperlinked (or similar) so that the user can click on which device they would like more details on and view a graph that shows the history of that device.

I can currently either do a graph with ggplot2 or plotly with SelectInput and dateRangeInput that gives the user a lot of flexibility in what data they are seeing, or I can make a Data Table listing the devices and their details in columns as mentioned above.

My question is, how do I allow a user to click their Device in the Data Table and view a graph of that particular device?

Any help is appreciated, it might be that I'm just not using the right key words in my googling and the answer is readily available. This is a common way for IoT Dashboards to display their devices/data so surely it's been done somewhere before.


you could use DT in combination with shiny.

Here is an example app:

Here you can find a documentation of the possible ways to combine DT with shiny:

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