Creating a Dataset Help

I am a beginner in Rstudio but I don't really understand how to do some things. I need to create a dataset but do not know how to go about it. Where do I start first?

You can make a data set using the data.frame() function,

DF <- data.frame(Height = rnorm(50, 170, 5),
                 Weight = rnorm(50, 55, 5))

If you want to include two distributions within each column, you can use the c() function to combine them.

DF <- data.frame(Height = c(rnorm(50, 170, 5), rnorm(50, 160, 5)),
                 Weight = c(rnorm(50, 65, 5), rnorm(50, 55, 5))
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Thanks for your help!

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