Create statistics for coded income

I have an income question that contains codes for income categories.
My current code for this table is:

X4707 %>%
tab_cells(qf4) %>%
tab_cols(bana_1,bana_5,bana_4,banb_1,banb_2,banb_3,banb_4,banb_5,banb_6,banb_7,banb_8,banb_9,banb_10,banb_11) %>%
tab_weight(wgt) %>%
tab_stat_cpct() %>%
tab_last_sig_cpct() %>%
tab_pivot() %>%
drop_empty_columns() %>%
set_caption("qf4 Table")

sorry...i want to also show statistics for the midpoint of each income category. The categories are thus...

1 Under $25,000
2 $25,000 to under
3 $50,000 to under
4 $100,000 and over
8 Not sure
9 Prefer not to answer

I suspect we need more information and some sample data, See:

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