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We set up an R course using RStudioCloud this year. During this course students create new RStudioCloud (now Posit Cloud) projects using private GitHub repositories that they have inside a GitHub organisation page (hosted by the teaching staff). Until a couple of weeks ago (when the Posit rebrand happened) this worked. Students could create projects from their private GitHub repos within the GitHub organisation page but now Posit Cloud is saying that the Git Repo is not accessible.

Has anyone else had this issue? I think its a bug on Posit's side of things.

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Appears to be a known issue.

This is a problem related to the rebranding of RStudio Cloud to Posit Cloud.

You can fix it by going to the User Panel (click on your name/icon in the upper right corner of the window) and click "Authentication".

On the page that appears, for your GitHub login:

  1. Uncheck the "Private repo access also enabled" option
  2. Recheck it and follow any prompts.

We're sorry for the trouble this has caused - we are investigating and will update with more information, but this should get you unblocked. Please let us know if you or your students continue to see any issues.


Thanks for the help Robby. We actually ended up fixing this by getting a new student to join and then they had to hit a 'Request' button for third-party authentication of Posit by the GitHub organisation. This then fixed the problem for all of the students once the organisation owners authorised.

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That's great - thanks for letting us know.

I am having having the same issue originally described in this thread. To be specific:

  1. I have a private repo on Github within my organization that I am trying to clone. When I select New Project -> New Project from Git Repository and enter the HTTPS URL that I copied from GitHUb, I get an error message that "We are unable to access a repository at that URL - make sure you entered the URL correctly and that the repository is accessible to your currently linked GitHub account."

  2. That organization's base permissions for members are set to "Read"

  3. The repo I'm trying to clone is set to private.

  4. I have gone in to the Posit Cloud Authentication settings tab and unchecked and re-checked "Private repo access also enabled" and waited to see if it helped.

  5. I've verified the URL that I'm pasting into "New Project from Git Repository" is correct by just pasting it into a browser, and it goes to the repository.

  6. I've verified that on the test user's Github page, I can navigate to the organization and see the private repo there - I just cannot bring it into Posit Cloud.

  7. I've got my test user in a Chrome incognito window - would that affect anything? (I'll try it in another non-private browser while I wait...)[It did not.]

Any suggestions would be welcome!

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