create random Number


How can you create random numbers in the software and calculate a mean value in pairs from these random numbers and create a histogram?

I already tried it this way but i am not very expirienced in the use of R.

runif (1000, min=-1, max=1)
a <- runif (1000, min=-1, max=1)
hist (a)
fivenum (a, na.rn= True)
sd (a, na.rn= True)

runif (1000, min=-0.1, max=1)
b <- runif (1000, min=-0.1, max=1)

hist (b)
data.frame(a, b)
x <- data.frame (a, b)

many thanks


(d1 <-  tibble(
  a = runif(1000,min=-1,max=1),
  b = runif(1000,min=-1,max=1))

(d2 <- mutate(d1,
              pair_mean =(a+b)/2))

ggplot(d2,aes(x=pair_mean)) +

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