Create labels using usmap

Hi, I am trying to make a us map with some labels per state.
The data I'm working with looks like this:
State Positive
New York 0.21
Virginia 0.52
Ohio 0.83
...and so on

The code I have is this:

Sero <- read_excel("Sero.xlsx")
serop <- data.frame(sero)
plot_usmap(data = serop, values = "Positive", color = "black", exclude = c("Alaska","Hawaii")) + scale_fill_continuous(low = "yellow", high = "red", name = "SP", na.value="lightgray") + theme(panel.background=element_blank(),legend.position = "right")

And I get a really nice map, however I would like the value under the column "Positive" to display in each state, any thoughts?

Thank you!!

Hi, first of all you should provide a reproducible example as we don't have your data. Also you should note what packages you are using in the example.

Anyway, some options:

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