Create incidence plot using non-line list data

I have been trying to create an incidence plot using the attached data. I tried using these commands:

outbreak <- read.csv("[location of attached file]")
outbreak <- outbreak[order(as.Date(outbreak$date_use, format = "%m/%d/%Y")),]
outbreak$date_use <- format(as.Date(outbreak$date_use, format = "%m/%d/%Y"), "%Y-%m-%d")
outbreak$date_use <- as.Date(outbreak$date_use)
i <- incidence(outbreak)

However I continue to get the error: "Error in is.finite(x) : default method not implemented for type 'list' "
How can I create an incidence plot and epicurve using this data type and command?

I am a new R user, so I really appreciate any and all advice! If this is in the wrong place, please let me know.

Thank you.

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 12.10.06

i <- incidence(outbreak$date_use)
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