create empty data.frama

i want to create an ampty data.frame that i will then fill with a rbind in a "for" loop

tirage <- function(N){#on tire N echantillons de tirages de n cartes
  #on retourne le data.frame de N lignes et n colonnes
  laliste <- laliste[-1,]
  for (i in 1:N){
    laliste <- rbind(laliste,sample(carte, size =n, replace=F))

the little problem is : i find my instruction

  laliste <- laliste[-1,]

a bit weird
is there not a more natural way to create an empty data.frame ?

I would not create a data frame in preference to a vector.

tirage <- function(x) {
  carte <- 1:100
data.frame(résultat = sapply(1:10,tirage))
#>    résultat
#> 1        45
#> 2         4
#> 3        16
#> 4        79
#> 5        24
#> 6        30
#> 7        34
#> 8        88
#> 9        43
#> 10       70

Created on 2023-01-26 with reprex v2.0.2

(my_empty <- data.frame(col1name=logical(0),

hello thanks
but i doesnt work for me since i want to simulate the picking of two or tree cards (so replace=F) so i have to generate line by line

but in fact in the while i have found an other solution with something like


which i find very very much quick comparing to the solution with data.frame

hello and thanks !
could you explain me a little… :slight_smile:

this is how you make data.frames with no rows; you name the columns and you say what type of content they would contain.

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