create.bspline.irregular function

Hi everybody,
in final I installed the package funcy, but when I try to run the script about the example to use this package something wrong. These are the scripts that I used:

res<-funcit(data=Data(ds),clusters=Cluster(ds), methods=c(1,2,3),seed=2404,k=4)

After I ran the last script appear this error in the console:
"Error in create.bspline.irregular(c(time[1], time[m]), nbasis = nbasis, :
could not find function "create.bspline.irregular".
I don't understand the error because I load the fda package....

Hi @Jo1984,
Have you loaded the funcy package into the current R (or RStudio) session?

ds <- sampleFuncy(obsNr=50,k=4,timeNr=8,reg=TRUE)
res <- funcit(data=Data(ds),clusters=Cluster(ds), methods=c(1,2,3),seed=2404,k=4)

I run in the correct session and I load the package funcy.
I try to download a older version of R because this package from 2 years is not available.

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