Create api key outside of rstudio connect.


Due to company policies, the API keys must be renewed every month. But since the generation of api-keys is a manual process that each user must perform, we cannot guarantee renewal. We want to be able to modify existing api-keys or create new api-keys programmatically and send them securely to our users.

Today we have the rstudio connect database configured with postgres, and we can see that we could modify the key column of the api-key table. However, this column is encrypted.

We want to know if there is any way to do it.



Thanks for reaching out @apalacio. We do not provide tools or methods for cycling API keys, programmatic management, or generation of keys in RStudio Connect today. This is definitely an area of interest for the product though. Do you know who your RStudio Customer Success rep is? If you send them a note, we would be happy to notify you when we have an update on this feature.

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Thanks for the answer, I will send a note to our account manager.

Do you think this will be a new feature soon?

In our case, we believe that the best way to handle this process would be through the api provided by Rstudio Connect or directly from the rstudio connect interface. The operation could be as follows: administrators can generate or delete the api-keys of other users. In the event that a new api-key is assigned to a user, it will be sent by email.

@apalacio was this request ever granted? For onboarding in a SaaS context this could also be a very nice feature but I don't find anything in the API documentation for connect.